Join Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association or Renew Your Membership Today!

You can become a member just by signing up!

A donation of ANY amount qualifies you to become a “Supporting Member” with all of the rights that entails.

Join us! Make it official!! We need sisters to help in many ways, big and small. Join a committee; lend your professional expertise; invite others to join; share your ideas, memories, and photos.

The PLPAA is working hard to preserve our traditions and provide opportunities to keep in touch. Your contribution will help:

  • Yearly reunion in Oswego
  • Maintain and grow our website
  • Gather artifacts and photos to develop a PLP digital “museum”
  • Create an up-to-date contact database of lambs (you may have seen the preview map of lambs on Facebook).

Remember you can donate any amount to become a supporting member of the PLPAA. The existence of the PLPAA helps to  ensure that Phi Lamb remains on campus as a valued and prominent aspect of undergraduate life at SUNY Oswego. Being a supporting member means that you are behind these efforts. 

Thank you for your support!

PLPAA Membership Donation:

If you do not wish to make a membership donation at this time, you can still register as a PLPAA basic member. We want to include all of our sisters in PLPAA. Just email our membership committee and state that you would like to register as a basic member. Be sure to include your full name including your maiden name, your graduation year, and your contact information (email, phone & mailing address).

If you would like more information about our mission or how to volunteer or contribute your time and talents, please send an email to our membership committee. 

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