Reunion 2024 Save the Date!

Reunion 2024 Save the Date!

🎉 Save the date for our Phi Lambda Phi Sorority 65th Reunion at SUNY Oswego, happening June 7th to 9th! 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce that on Saturday, June 8th, we’ll be hosting our annual luncheon at SUNY Oswego. This event is the highlight of our reunion, bringing together sisters from near and far to reconnect and reminisce. 

The luncheon will feature a delicious menu including Caesar salad, Italian chicken, baked cod, pasta primavera, sautéed broccoli, butter rolls, and a variety of beverages. Dessert will be served, too! Please keep in mind that SUNY Oswego accommodates dietary restrictions, so if you have any concerns or special requests, feel free to contact Mel Wutke/Savino with any concerns.

The cost is $30 for contributing PLPAA members and $40 for non-members.

The luncheon includes our time for festivities, such as hearing from the PLPAA & singing songs! 

Stay tuned for more updates on events happening on June 7th and 9th. Let’s make this reunion a memorable celebration of sisterhood and friendship! 

Membership Update

The heart of our cherished sisterhood beats strong, and we invite you to be an integral part of its rhythm!
 As a supporting member of the PLPAA, your generosity ensures the continuity of our rich traditions and enables us to foster connections that span generations.

By contributing a minimum of $35 to PLPAA, the door opens up for maximum possibilities!
You get the opportunity to become an Alumnae Big Sister to a current pledge, imparting wisdom and creating lasting bonds. Your support also fuels key initiatives like reunion favors, pledge baskets, newsletters, and database maintenance. You play a vital role in nurturing the active sisters, preserving our cherished history, and sustaining the legacy of Phi Lambda Phi.

Every dollar invested enhances our ability to provide active scholarships, maintain a dedicated historian, and safeguard our treasured memorabilia. Your commitment is the cornerstone of our success.

As we work diligently to maintain our traditions, we would appreciate your support. It ensures that our Alumnae Association remains vibrant, active, and officially recognized on the SUNY Oswego campus. Join hands with us to make a meaningful impact and secure the future of Phi Lambda Phi.

Visit to contribute and be a beacon of strength for our sisterhood. Together, let’s continue to shine bright!

We must keep an active and vibrant Alumnae Association for the Actives charter to be recognized on the SUNY Oswego campus. 

“THANK YOU” to the following sisters for supporting the PLPAA for the 2023– 2024 year: Updated 1/29/2024
The Total Number Of Members Is 40!
Abigail Middlemiss 
Amanda Lobaugh 
Amanda Pendock
Amy Gardner
Antoinette Kulak
Barbara Boody
Brenda Jaynes
Caryn Rosenberg
Cher Cuomo
Cheryl D’Amico
Diane McGrath
Emily Cohill
Geralyn Gough
Heather Bickle
Janet Judson
Jenna Champion
Jennifer Caputo
Jennifer Volpicelli
Karin Giudici
Kay(Klee) Olson
Keersten Heskin
Kelly George
Laura Mason
Laura Stisser
Lynelle Francis
Melissa Wutke
Michelle Klinger Wellner
Monica Morselli Klein
Nancy Siembida
Nicole Meisenburg
Patricia Budine
Patricia Malyszko
Sharon Ortiz
Stacey Lesko
Stefinie Senquiz
Susan Kassal
Tamia Alberry Davis
Theresa Mcnamee
Valerie Kitts     

The PLPAA E-Board appreciates your support!!

Here is a link to the page to pay via PayPal

To pay via check, please get in touch with our Treasurer, Dani Saturno McAdam, at
We accept smaller donations on a monthly, recurring basis.

For membership questions, please email Stefinie Senquiz at 

If you have any questions regarding the PLPAA, please feel free to contact our President at

Bid Day Update!! Spring 2024

🎉 Calling all Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae!
Let’s shower our active sorority sisters with love and support as they conclude their rush season and begin the upcoming new member process.
On Friday, Feb 23rd, 2024, Bid Day brought 4 new lambs the opportunity to become sisters of Phi Lambda Phi!
It’s an exciting time as we welcome new girls into our cherished sisterhood! 🌟
Information during the process, Alumnae Bigs,  and more to come!
Take a moment to reach out to the actives and congratulate them on their hard work and dedication. Your words of encouragement mean the world as they navigate this journey. Let’s rally behind them and wish them the best of luck for a successful spring semester ahead! 💖

Phi Lambda Phi is a bond that lasts a lifetime, and your continued support strengthens our sisterhood. Together, let’s celebrate this special time and cheer on our amazing Actives! 🎉 

Spring 2024 Alumnae Brunch

Calling all Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae! It’s time to mark your calendars and join us for our traditional semester alumnae/active brunch:

Saturday, March 23rd, from 11 am to 1 pm

at the Village Commons

We can’t wait to reconnect, reminisce, and celebrate our sisterhood together!

Meet or get to know the actives better and see how the bond of Phi Lamb connects us all. Enjoy the potluck-style brunch including breakfast-friendly treats and non-alcoholic beverages while catching up with old friends and making new memories with our current actives. Your presence will truly make a difference and show your spirit as a proud Phi Lambda Phi alumna.

Let’s come together to make this brunch a memorable experience for all. See you there! 
RSVP: Cher Cuomo (PLPAA) at 845-645-3302 or Kenzie Tidd (New Member Educator) 607-205-0987