Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association
Constitution and By-Laws



Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank Thee for the blessings bestowed upon us. Grant that we may be wise in all our dealings, true in all our words and actions and affectionate in our behavior towards one another. Teach us to be tolerant and understanding. Teach us to give not only with our hands, but with our hearts. We ask Thee to help us, O Lord. Amen


Section I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association (PLPAA).

Section II: Colors and Flower

The colors shall be yellow and black.
The flower shall be the Gardenia.

Section III: Membership

Any woman who has been initiated into the Phi Lambda Phi Sorority, who has graduated or no longer attends SUNY Oswego, and has left PLP as a sister in good standing is eligible for membership. All that is required is that she notify PLPAA of her desire for membership and confirm her contact information.

A supporting member is any alumna who makes an annual donation of any amount. The PLPAA board may offer incentives and additional benefits to increase membership and fundraising as it sees fits.

Active PLP sisters, when leaving the organization in good standing, will be automatically eligible for membership in the PLPAA. Their dues for the first year will be waived and they will each receive a membership certificate from PLPAA stating such.


“De Uno Corpus Remanebimus”

The purpose of the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association is to
foster the bonds of sisterhood between and among alumnae;
usher the next generation of alumnae into a thriving organization dedicated to the spirit of Phi Lambda Phi Sorority;
reach out to the active sorority as mentors and advisors;
encourage community involvement and philanthropy of active sisters and alumnae;
nurture professional contacts;
advise the active sisters on the maintenance, financial and legal matters pertaining to the Phi Lambda Phi Sorority;
pass along the traditions and positive experiences of being a sister of Phi Lambda Phi; and
ensure the active membership meets and maintains the standards set by the State University of New York.


Section I: Board Membership

The Executive Board shall include 9-10 members, all elected by the supporting members of PLPAA to serve two-year terms.  These members shall include: 1) President, 2) First Vice President, 3) Second Vice President, 4) Treasurer, 5) Recording Secretary, 6) Corresponding Secretary, 7) Web Manager, 8) Immediate Past President, and 9&10) two Members-at-Large. A Board quorum will consist of one more than half the board or 6 members.

The Immediate Past President will serve as a full member of the Board for one year at the end of her term in office.

Non-elected members will be appointed as needed by the President, each to serve up to a two-year term (coinciding with the current President’s term) or until her project is completed. When a new President is elected, she can reappoint members for another term and/or ask others to assume those positions. These members are not required to attend Board meetings and do not have voting rights on the Board.

Appointed members may include but are not limited to: Historian, Communications Manager, Membership Manager, Database Manager, Reunion Manager, Fundraising Manager, and other Special Projects Managers, as determined by the Executive Board.

Section II: Duties of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall meet monthly and have the power to call special meetings. It shall interpret and enforce the constitution and its by-laws and determine the members in good standing. It shall identify and oversee activities and projects that support the vibrancy of PLPAA. It may form committees as deemed necessary to perform this work. The President shall appoint the managers and members of the committees with the concurrence of the Board.

Section III: Qualifications for Office

The candidates for elected offices of the Executive Board must be supporting members in good standing of the PLPAA. Appointed members of the Executive Board must be supporting members in good standing. Each member of the Executive Board may hold only one elected office at a time.

Section IV: Vacancies

In the event of the death, incapacity, or resignation of a Board member, the vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the President. The person chosen shall serve only until the next Annual Meeting or until which time a regularly scheduled election is held. A resignation by a Board member shall be submitted in writing to the President, at which time she shall consult with the Executive Board to appoint a successor.


Section I: Duties of the President

The President shall represent the association at all times. She shall have the power to call all meetings, develop meeting agendas, and preside over Executive Board meetings and the Annual Meeting. She will cast the vote in case of a tie. The President will work with the Treasurer to develop the annual budget for presentation to and approval of the Board and the general membership. She will be the primary liaison to the active sorority maintaining contact with the sorority leadership and their campus advisor. She will work to maintain the positive image that is Phi Lambda Phi. The President shall work to promote good relations between sisters, neighbors, and other Greek organizations.

Section II: Duties of the First Vice President

The First Vice President shall assume all duties of the President upon the absence, resignation, or disqualification of the President. Along with the Past President, she will serve as an advisor to the President, in all matters, including, but not limited to, developing meeting agendas, developing documents, and reviewing documents and agreements.

The First Vice President shall provide direction to the Communications Committee and work with the Communications Manager and Web Manager. She serves as editor-in-chief of the PLPAA newsletter and major publications.

The First Vice President shall provide direction to the Membership Committee and work with the Membership Manager to set and promote annual membership goals. She chairs the alumni membership appeal. She works with the Membership Manager and the President to develop a PLPAA Membership Package that is presented to each active sister upon her graduation and welcomes her into the PLPAA.

Should she assume the duties of the President, she would appoint a new Vice President.

Section III: Duties of the Second Vice President

The Second Vice President shall oversee all events and social functions of the PLPAA. She will provide direction to the Reunion Committee and the Reunion Manager. She will serve on the SUNY Oswego Reunion Committee to coordinate the College’s June Reunion activities with PLPAA’s activities. The Second Vice President will serve as hostess at all events, including the Annual Meeting, Senior Send-off, and special events. She will work with the Reunion Committee to provide information and support for regional reunions throughout the country. She will work with the First Vice President to reach out to sisters to promote membership and association values.

Section IV: Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer will keep the records for all dues payments and donations to the PLPAA, as well as records for all transactions with the bank. She will maintain PLPAA’s bank accounts and act as primary signatory, along with the President. She will work with the President to develop an annual budget to be presented to the Board and membership for approval. She will file taxes as necessary. She will work with the Corresponding Secretary and Membership Manager to ensure an accurate account of active members in Good Standing of the PLPAA.

Section V: Duties of the Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall take minutes at all Executive Board meetings, distribute them to Board members for approval at the next Board meeting, amend them as necessary and forward them to the Web Manager for posting on the web page. She will take minutes at the Annual Meeting in Oswego in June and follow the same procedure.

Section VI: Duties of the Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary will answer all official correspondence of the PLPAA. She will also acknowledge all donations and dues payments.

Section VII: Duties of the Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President shall serve as advisor to the President and the Executive Board.

Section VIII: Duties of the Web Manager

The Web Manager will work closely with the First Vice President and the Communications Manager in maintaining and promoting PLPAA’s online presence.   Her functions will include the design, functionality and maintenance of the website and email hosting, the PLPAA social media pages, and any other web presence owned/managed by PLPAA.

Section IX: Duties of the Members at Large

Each of the two Members at Large, who will serve alternating terms, will take on responsibilities as determined by the President and the Board. Their main purpose is the directly represent the members/alumnae of PLPAA.

Section X: Duties of Committee Chairs

All work of the organization will be done by committees designed and overseen by Board members. Committees will research options, design programs, and present their recommendations to the Board via written proposals presented to the Board. Committees can include standing committees as well as special committees which serve for a limited time period to complete a project or resolve a problem. Committee chairs are welcome to attend board meetings, especially to facilitate discussion of their proposals, but they do not have voting powers.

Section XI: Expectations of Board members

All elected members of the Board are expected to be supporting members (by making an annual donation to PLPAA on or before July 1, to complete their duties in a timely manner, and to attend board meetings. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, it is expected that she will notify the President prior to that meeting and to provide a written summary of her report.

Any elected member who misses more than two board meetings, does not maintain her supporting membership status, and/or does not complete her duties in a timely manner will be warned by the President and subsequently notified in writing by the President of her removal from the Board.

Section XII: Limitations of the Board

No vote may be taken by the Board which is in conflict with the PLPAA’s Constitution or which greatly changes the mission of the organization. Such a change would have to be presented for a vote by all supporting members of PLPAA.


Section I: Term

The term of office for each elected council member shall be two years.

Section II: Nominations

Para.1: Any active member in good standing may nominate herself or another active member for an office.

Para.2: A list of nominations will be compiled and disseminated at least one month prior to the annual meeting.

Section III: Elections

The First Vice President will coordinate elections. She will determine a method to gather votes, proxies, and absentee votes. This will be accomplished no later than one week prior to the annual meeting. An officer will be elected by a majority vote.

Section IV: Inductions and Assumption of Office

Every officer, upon acceptance of office, shall be inducted by the outgoing President at the annual meeting.

Section V: Impeachment

A written statement of reasons for impeachment, accompanied by the signature of five members in good standing, shall be submitted to the Executive Board. The accused shall be notified immediately by the Board (minus the accused member if on Executive Board) and given one month to prepare her case. Executive Board will determine if discussion should be open to membership. Removal will be determined by a three-fourths yes vote by the membership.


Section I: Budget

Para.1: The fiscal year shall run from July 1 to June 30.

Para.2: The annual budget shall be drawn up by the President and the Treasurer and reviewed by the Executive Board.  It shall be presented to the  membership, and approval shall be by majority vote from supporting members, with voting done at the Annual Meeting, by email, by snail mail, and via the PLPAA website. All votes must be received by June 30th.

Para.3: No member of the Board will receive payment for her participation in PLPAA.

Para.4: All expenditures by Board members will reflect amounts presented in and by the annual budget. The Board may determine a minimal amount that members may spend without approval by the Board or as written in the budget.

Section II: Dues

Para. 1. Dues shall be determined as a result of the approved budget.

Para. 2. All dues shall be payable in the month of June of each year.

Para. 3. If, after 60 days, dues have been remiss, that member shall be lose her supporting member status. If she holds an office in the PLPAA, she will lose that office, and the President will appoint a successor until the end of that term of office. Board members must have dues current at all times.

Section III: Banking

The President and Treasurer shall be the only members authorized to make transactions concerning any of the PLPAA bank accounts.

Section IV: Auditing

The audit committee shall complete the auditing of the books by June 30th.  The Treasurer will present the report to the membership via publication in Phi Times, PLPAA newsletter. The Audit Committee will be comprised of the President, Treasurer, and two members appointed by the President.


The Annual Meeting of the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association shall coincide with the SUNY Oswego Alumni Weekend, traditionally held in early June each year.


A quorum shall consist of at least one more than one-half the total numbers of supporting members.  If a quorum cannot be reached within 30 days of a vote, the motion will be considered passed in the affirmative.


Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure shall be in authority in all Parliamentary disputes during meetings.


This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the active members. The amendments shall be presented in their written form to the Executive Board to be presented to the membership and voted upon by the membership at the Annual Meeting.


Phi Lambda Phi Alumni Association


The following shall be the order of business at all annual meetings. (At a special meeting, the topic shall govern the type of business.)

Opening of the meeting


Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

Executive reports

Committee reports

Old Business

New Business


Motion to adjourn

Sorority Song



Section I: Inactive members

Any member initiated into Phi Lambda Phi Sorority who has graduated or no longer attends SUNY Oswego, has left the active sisterhood in good standing, and chooses not to be a member of PLPAA, is an inactive member.

Section II: Members

Any member who chooses to forgo an annual donation to PLPAA, but has stated her desire to be a member, will be considered as such. But she may not vote or hold office in PLPAA and may be required to pay additional fees for various PLPAA functions and merchandise.

Section III:  Supporting Members

A supporting member makes a donation to PLPAA annually which entitles her to vote in elections, run for board office, serve on committees and receive a discount on activity fees and merchandize.

Section IV: Transition of active sisters to the PLPAA

Active sisters at SUNY Oswego, when leaving the organization in good standing, will be automatically eligible for membership in the PLPAA.  Their dues for the first year as a member of the organization will be waived.


To ensure continuity, the elected officers of the board, who each serve 2-year terms, are to be elected on a staggered schedule as indicated here:

Year 1: Elections for 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary
Year 2: Elections for President, 1st Vice President, Corresponding Secretary


These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the active members. The amendments shall be presented in their written form to the Executive Board. It will be presented to the membership and voted upon by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Adopted by the PLPAA Executive Board on May 13, 2013 and amended in June 2015.