Phi Lamb 50th on the steps of Culkin

On June 6, 2009, Oswego turned yellow and black as nearly 240 sisters and alumnae gathered to celebrate 50 years of Phi Lambda Phi… It was the largest single alumni event the college has ever seen!

Sponsored and organized by the PLPAA reunion committee, the 50th reunion luncheon in the Hewitt Union ballroom, was a culmination of efforts by alumnae from all eras coming together to bring so many of our sisters together. The reunion team worked tirelessly to insure a successful event, while sisters from all eras, particularly the 60’s, successfully searched for and found so many long lost lambs.

Seeing their vision of 50 years ago realized beyond their expectations, several of our founding sisters joined us with Cathy Calcandy Swensen and Barbara Fratemico letting us all in on the origins of the organization we all hold so dear. Thank you for telling us the stories…the development of our crest by a Gamma brother, complete with Phoenix, the choosing of our colors and even how you decided upon Phi Lambda Phi as our name. Who knew it came down to “it looked good!”

From the past to the present, Kathy Smits Evans, PLP advisor and PLP 80’s Alumnae, presented Barb Mammino Bauman (Sp ’76) with the Phoenix award for her commitment and dedication to the revitalization of the sorority as President of the PLPAA and mentor to the active sisterhood.

Next Kathy surprised Ambur Misercola, graduating senior and President of PLP Spring ’09, with the Rising Phoenix Award, for her commitment and dedication as an active sister to Phi Lambda Phi’s revitalization. Sharing the spotlight, Ambur went on to herald the active sisterhood, noting the long list of awards they had earned for community service and involvement throughout the school year. It was a proud moment to realize that our sorority had indeed risen up from the ashes, coming so far from a few years ago.

Equally as momentous was seeing 50 years of Phi Lamb women, in force, posing for the photo on the steps, and then in enormous circles, singing “Bye, Bye Phi Lamb” … over 200 women with a common bond, Phi Lambda Phi.

If all this wasn’t enough, alumnae played “Stuff the Lamb” donating over $6000 for capital improvements to the Phi Lamb house.

The Phi Lambda Phi 50th Anniversary … Old friends reunited, new friends made. Let’s “Raise up our glasses and give us a toast to 50 more years of Phi Lambda Phi!”

Submitted by: Jeanne Heil, Vice President, PLPAA