Reunion 2013

Hello Sisters of Phi Lambda Phi,
I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and personally invite you to this year’s SUNY Oswego Reunion June 7-9. My name is Jennifer (Owens) Potter ’05. I am the current Second Vice President of the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association. I have been working with a wonderful team of women to plan this year’s reunion events. My committee includes Leona Stone Scott ’69, Carla Speranza ‘91, Tricia Longo Gibbons ‘70, Amanda Healy Pendock ’04, Erin Griffin Dinneen ‘71, Jennifer Caputo ‘91, and Barbara Mammino Bauman ’79. This year’s reunion will be packed with college events where we will have designated PLPAA areas (Look for those black and yellow balloons!), as well as PLPAA-sponsored sister-only events, such as:
• Friday at check-in you will be greeted by a sister and get yellow and black ribbons to attach to your nametag so that everyone will see you are a Phi Lamb alumna. Later, there’s a happy hour event at The Press Box from 3-5 pm. We can catch up with old friends and start to make new ones. PLPAA will provide snacks and you can purchase cocktails of your choice at the bar. Laughter and old stories are free!!
• Saturday morning is the SUNY Oswego/YMCA 5K walk-run event. It is an early morning event, but it would mean so much to the children in the area if we could donate our time and a little money to support them. The 5K walk-run supports the community and PLPAA feel that it is important to show our community spirit. You can choose to walk or to run in this event. I have already signed up and would love to have as many sisters as possible join me.
• After the picnic lunch, PLPAA will hold its Annual Meeting at 2pm. You will have a chance to meet PLPAA’s board members and learn more about PLPAA. Our president, Bonnie Love ’70, will lead the meeting, reviewing our constitution, budget, and future plans. MaryAnne Oriente Mather ’71 will talk about membership and how to get involved. You will be able to look over a display of memorabilia and a video about PLPAA. Several active sisters hope to join us at the reunion, and we plan to welcome the graduating seniors into the PLPAA as official members. We are also hoping that a few of our “Pearls” may attend this year as well!
• After the meeting, you are invited back to the house where it all began. Here is our big chance to share and reminisce about all the great, albeit somewhat silly at times, things we did as sisters in Phi Lamb. We look forward to sharing pledge memories and mixer debacles with sisters young and younger.
Again this year, reunion sweatshirts and t-shirts are available for purchase through PLPAA’s website (coming soon!) Orders need to be completed by May 6th so hurry!! At our website, you will find PLPAA news, learn about upcoming events, view a gallery of pictures, and shop for items in our store. You can also stay connected through our official PLPAA Facebook group page.
These featured events are in addition to Oswego classics like the Come as You Were BBQ, the Saturday night dinner, and the Greek and Friends’ Social. So when the registration form comes to you from Oswego, make sure you check “yes, I will attend.”
Love in Phi Lamb,
Jennifer (Owens) Potter Sp’ 03
2nd Vice President PLPAA