Got Composites? Got Poems? We Would Love to See Them!


A New StrengthDoes anyone have poems from their Phi Lamb days? Let’s keep this tradition alive! in Phi Lamb! Please submit to Amanda Healey Pendock ’04 Communications Manager


1982 PLP Composite

PLPAA is determined to scan all the composites we can get our hands on!! We’ve made good progress in this effort thanks to the help of several sisters who have loaned us their “small” composites or scanned them and sent them to us. In the future, we hope to post all of these treasures on our website Here are the years we are missing: 1962, 1966, 1979
Please scan and send your electronic composites to MaryAnne Oriente Mather. Or, if you’re ready to clean out things you’ve saved for years, mail your original composites to:
Mary Anne Mather
93 South Main Street
Middleboro, MA 02346
We are creating a binder of originals to preserve in the Phi Lamb archive.