Phi Lambda Phi Family Tree

Love tree

The Phi Lambda Phi Family Tree is a project spearheaded by Amanda Healey Pendock ‘04. You can see her weekly shout outs on the PLPAA FaceBook page: Phi Lambda Phi Alumni Association (Official Group). She tags individual sisters and asks for names of their bigs (sisters), littles, and any other information she can gather! The PLP Family Tree will be displayed at the reunion. If you’d rather contact her directly, click here to email Amanda with your name, pledge year, graduation year, and big and little sister names. She’d really appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Phi Lambda Phi Family Tree

  1. Hi, I am Amie Olech Szabo. I pledge spring 83.
    My big sister was Tina Powell(sp80), her big was Vicki Rotundo (f79), her big was Gerilyn Murphy (1978)

    My little sister was Kim Ridall (sp85) and her little was Sue Monte (sp88)

    1. Hi Amie! Thanks for responding! I have passed your comments on to Amanda Pendock, who is building the family tree. Will we see you at the reunion this year?

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