Membership Update

The heart of our cherished sisterhood beats strong, and we invite you to be an integral part of its rhythm!
 As a supporting member of the PLPAA, your generosity ensures the continuity of our rich traditions and enables us to foster connections that span generations.

By contributing a minimum of $35 to PLPAA, the door opens up for maximum possibilities!
You get the opportunity to become an Alumnae Big Sister to a current pledge, imparting wisdom and creating lasting bonds. Your support also fuels key initiatives like reunion favors, pledge baskets, newsletters, and database maintenance. You play a vital role in nurturing the active sisters, preserving our cherished history, and sustaining the legacy of Phi Lambda Phi.

Every dollar invested enhances our ability to provide active scholarships, maintain a dedicated historian, and safeguard our treasured memorabilia. Your commitment is the cornerstone of our success.

As we work diligently to maintain our traditions, we would appreciate your support. It ensures that our Alumnae Association remains vibrant, active, and officially recognized on the SUNY Oswego campus. Join hands with us to make a meaningful impact and secure the future of Phi Lambda Phi.

Visit to contribute and be a beacon of strength for our sisterhood. Together, let’s continue to shine bright!

We must keep an active and vibrant Alumnae Association for the Actives charter to be recognized on the SUNY Oswego campus. 

“THANK YOU” to the following sisters for supporting the PLPAA for the 2023– 2024 year: Updated 1/29/2024
The Total Number Of Members Is 40!
Abigail Middlemiss 
Amanda Lobaugh 
Amanda Pendock
Amy Gardner
Antoinette Kulak
Barbara Boody
Brenda Jaynes
Caryn Rosenberg
Cher Cuomo
Cheryl D’Amico
Diane McGrath
Emily Cohill
Geralyn Gough
Heather Bickle
Janet Judson
Jenna Champion
Jennifer Caputo
Jennifer Volpicelli
Karin Giudici
Kay(Klee) Olson
Keersten Heskin
Kelly George
Laura Mason
Laura Stisser
Lynelle Francis
Melissa Wutke
Michelle Klinger Wellner
Monica Morselli Klein
Nancy Siembida
Nicole Meisenburg
Patricia Budine
Patricia Malyszko
Sharon Ortiz
Stacey Lesko
Stefinie Senquiz
Susan Kassal
Tamia Alberry Davis
Theresa Mcnamee
Valerie Kitts     

The PLPAA E-Board appreciates your support!!

Here is a link to the page to pay via PayPal

To pay via check, please get in touch with our Treasurer, Dani Saturno McAdam, at
We accept smaller donations on a monthly, recurring basis.

For membership questions, please email Stefinie Senquiz at 

If you have any questions regarding the PLPAA, please feel free to contact our President at

A Personal Invitation to Every Sister

A Personal Invitation to Every Sister

Dear Sisters in Phi Lamb,

Your alumnae association needs your help!! In the past year, the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association has grown to more than 100 members. Although that makes all of us on the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association (PLPAA) Board very proud and happy, we can’t help but look at the almost 700 PLP lambs in our data base and wonder how we can get more of our sisters to actively join us.

As Vice President for Membership, I have a vision of contacting each sister we can locate and personally asking her to get involved with PLPAA by becoming a “supporting” member. In the small outreach I could accomplish on my own, I have tremendously enjoyed meeting my sisters from other eras old and new and getting them involved. Please help me and PLP…

I need sisters from each decade to assist me by reaching out to the sisters you know from your time periods. PLPAA will provide you with lists of sisters to call and/or contact by email or letter, a membership brochure so that you can tell them about how to join, a sample email you can send out, links to PLPAA’s website and Facebook page, and anything else you need to be successful.

Please consider becoming a part of this membership outreach. And we’d love it if you could recruit other sisters to help you make the contacts!! If we all do our best, we can build a very strong alumnae association that has influence at SUNY Oswego. This asset can greatly enhance the status of the active sisters.

Now, it goes without saying that “once a sister, always a sister,” so technically we are ALL members of PLPAA, but as a supporting/dues-paying member, it makes it possible for us to be pro-active with projects that include: preserving sorority traditions, collecting and preserving artifacts from the past in digital collections (including scrapbooks and composites), planning regional reunions and special events, publishing and mailing a newsletter, and supporting the active sisters in order to keep Phi Lamb as a vibrant organization on campus that supports young women during their college years.

Just email me to say yes!! Thank you in advance for your effort.

Love in Phi Lamb,


Mary Anne Oriente Mather, 1971

PLPAA First-Vice President for Membership

Sisterhood is Forever

Sisterhood is Forever

Dear Sisters in Phi Lamb,

I’m proud to introduce myself as First Vice President of the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association (PLPAA). Among my duties falls the responsibility of building membership for PLPAA—an organization that is essential to the vitality and the very existence of Phi Lambda Phi Sorority. (SUNY Oswego now requires an active alumnae group in order for PLP to retain its charter.)

Phi Lamb nurtured us at many levels during our Oswego days. We partied. We sang. We studied. We also learned to live together, share responsibilities, organize, and lead. Personally speaking, the leadership skills that served me so well throughout my professional career had their seeds in my experiences as a PLP officer and as a responsible housemate at 54 West 5th Street. I’m forever grateful!

PLP brought me friendships that still remain. And my new engagement with the PLPAA brings me in contact with younger alumnae sisters to whom, I am delighted to say, I feel equally connected. It’s rewarding and uncanny! In addition to the opportunity to keep in touch with an organization and its members I once knew, I want to pass this incredible legacy on to future sisters of Phi Lambda Phi. But I need your help to do it!

You may have received our membership brochure in the mail recently. You can also view and download a copy here: PLPAA Membership Brochure. The brochure explains what your dues accomplish. AND…joining today offers you a little something extra—your “annual” membership will be active from now until June 2014. Please consider supporting an effort dedicated to preserving the traditions of an organization that offered each of us so many levels of growth. Without us…withoutYOU…Phi Lamb cannot endure. I look forward to receiving your membership commitment and your renewed (and new!) friendships in Phi Lamb.

If you’re on Facebook, please check out PLPAA’s official new group (we’re trying to consolidate all the PLP pages to one location). It’s a fun way to share and keep in touch: Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association (Official Group)

Love in Phi Lamb,

MAO (Mary Anne Oriente Mather ’71)
PLPAA First Vice President

PS We’re gathering in Oswego for Reunion 2013, June 7-9. PLPAA Second Vice President Jenn Owens Potter ‘05 and her reunion committee, made up of sisters from the 1960s through the 2000s, have a very memorable event planned that includes a festive welcome mixer on the river and an annual meeting of the PLPAA. We’ll be featuring a presentation of preserved PLP archival photos, scrapbooks and artifacts, as well as a taste of other projects underway. PLP shirts will be available, and a cookbook is in the making (more on that soon). See who’s attending so far and add your name at:

Letter from PLPAA President, Bonnie Love

Letter from PLPAA President, Bonnie Love

Dear Sisters,

It may still be winter (and do we remember winter from our days together in Oswego!), but all of us in the Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association are already very busy planning for our reunion in Oswego June 7-9.

As you can see from the names below, PLPAA has a new board – with new members, new ideas, new energy. For many years the previous board worked hard to support the active sorority, to save the House, and to lay the foundation for the organization. They did a great job!! Now it is time to grow our membership, save our history, and build new memories while we remember old times. We have many great ideas how we can do this, but we can’t be successful without you.

Reconnect with those good old times and the wonderful friends
you shared them with. Join us – as a member of PLPAA and hopefully as a participant at this year’s reunion. We want to hear from you about what we’ve done so far and where we want to go with PLPAA. Our annual meeting on Saturday June 8 will be a great place to do this. Also, it will be the perfect time to look at some of our projects underway.

Look for details about the reunion here on our website,, our Official PLPAA Facebook Group page, and on the college’s Alumni Reunion website, Or you can call 315-312-5559 or email for more information. And I’d love to hear from each and every one of you; write me at or give me a call at 585-227-4557.

Keep checking our website and Facebook pages for information on PLP clothing which has been so popular at previous reunions. Who couldn’t use some beautiful black and yellow pieces to add to her wardrobe?

Hope to see you there.
Love in Phi Lamb,

Bonnie Love (now)



2012-13  Phi Lambda Phi Alumnae Association Board

President:  Bonnie Love ’70

  • Special Projects Manager: Carla Speranza ’91
  • Strategic Planning Manager: Tricia Longo Gibbons ’70
  • PLP liaison: Michelle Kaufman James


First Vice President/Membership: Mary Anne Oriente Mather’71

  • Membership Manager:
  • Communications Manager: Amanda Healy Pendock ’04
  • Data Base Manager: Susan Davis Kassal  ’96
  • Newsletter Manager: Michelle Klinger-Wellner’82


Second Vice President/Reunion: Kathy Henry Powell ‘70

  • Regional Reunion Manager: Jeanne Heil
  • Annual Reunion Manager:  AC Marcelino Claudet ’71


Recording Secretary: Linda Panarites Sweeting ’75

Corresponding Secretary:  AC Marcelino Claudet ’71

Treasurer: Linda MacGuidwin Kimball ’71

Web Managers: Jennifer Caputo ’91  and  Erin Griffin Dinneen ’71

Revised 10/18/13