Fall Renovation Weekend

Fall Renovation Weekend 2011

October 8th

Paint the new porch!

It’s that time of year again. Time to roll up your shirt sleeves, throw on some work pants, and join your sister’s in House Renovation Weekend!

This year’s renovation weekend will coincide with Columbus Day weekend, October 8th. Bring your children, husbands, and old friends to help out. We have several main projects:

            -Paint the new porch and railings (checkout the newly built front porch)

            -Repaint shutters and window frames

            -Miscellaneous tasks inside the house to keep

Also, for those who have not heard, the active sisters now have ownership of the house. They pay the bills; take care of maintenance and all tenant responsibilities. There are currently 6 sisters and 3 independents living in the house. They have really stepped up to the challenge of managing the house independently.  Let’s show them our support and love with a few hours of work!

If you are unable to attend the renovation weekend, and want to contribute, there are a number of things you can do. Donations for paint, materials, and household goods (toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, and cleaning materials) are always appreciated[i].

Upcoming construction projects:

            -Replace support beam under living room

            -Complete second tier of front porch

            -Replace front half of the roof.

For more information, contact Ambur Misercola at amburmis@buffalo.edu

Also, donations are happily accepted from any stores or from Visa Gift cards. However, please keep in mind what is available in Oswego (Wal-mart and Lowes) and surrounding areas (Sam’s Club). Donations can be sent directly to the House c/o Phi Lambda Phi 54 W. 5th St, Oswego, NY 13126

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  1. if you don’t feel comfortable just putting the sorority down feel free to to c/o to my name. I am so excited ladies and can’t wait to see all of those who are able to attend! <3

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