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Congratulations to Tamia Alberry Davis

Congratulations to Tamia Alberry Davis

This year’s recipient of the PLPAA Scholarship is awarded to Tamia Alberry Davis. Tamia pledged in Fall 2019, was her Pledge Class President and was Sorority President this past semester. Tamia graduated in Spring ’21 with a BS in Adolescent Education and a GPA of 3.15. Tamia is relocating to Syracuse, and she will be attending graduate school this fall.
Tamia stated in her application that ” From my very first day of being in Phi Lambda Phi, I have always sought to help my sisters. I am always inclined to help those around me, but I certainly saved a special seat for the sisters of Phi Lamb. I have done everything I can to be of service. As an African American young woman who studies history, diversity is always at the forefront of my mind. I have sought means and methods of making sure all our backgrounds/personal contexts are highlighted and considering in all our dealings. In terms of community, I do everything I can to make sure that those who may feel isolated or made to be pariahs are included.”
Phi Lamb truly embodies a unique and dynamic spirit, where sisters can collaborate their thoughts and be heard.
Congratulations Tamia, you truly embody the spirit of Phi Lambda Phi!
2021 Scholarship Award Certificate
Congratulations to Cherie Cuomo, Our 2020 PLPAA Scholarship Recipient!

Congratulations to Cherie Cuomo, Our 2020 PLPAA Scholarship Recipient!

Congratulations to Cherie Cuomo on being chosen for the 2020 PLPAA Scholarship!!

The PLPAA Scholarship is awarded to an active PLP sister whose contributions to Phi Lamb and her community go above and beyond. An ideal candidate embodies the values of PLP in everyday life, including scholarship, diversity, community, and sisterhood. 

Cherie pledged in Fall 2019, has a 3.7 GPA, and expects to graduate in Spring 2023 and aspires to become a teacher upon graduation. In her application, Cher stated that she “joined Phi lamb because the values the sisters rushing me presented spoke to my individual likes, hobbies, and more serious things key to who I am such as my morals and ethics. I am proud to be a part of an organization that values the concern with the rights and privileges of being an individual. As a college student, I have been able to make small but meaningful impacts- especially throughout my time within Phi Lamb.”

Cher has participated in fundraising projects and events for Connor’s Project, The Vera House, promoting the Red Cross’s blood drives on campus, advocating for the Oswego Humane society and attending their charity events, and giving support to organizations that promote healthy relationships, LGBTQ+ rights, supporting S.T.E.M workers and access to educational resources throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, we are unable to present the award in person this year, but upon hearing that she was chosen, Cher replied, “Thank you oh so very much for this opportunity! I wish we had the alumni reunion this June so I could give you all my thanks through hugs but please know I am so grateful and appreciative of this. Phi lamb has showed me so much love and sisterhood this past year even with social distancing and these strange times 💛🖤💛”

Cherie does truly embody the values and spirit of Phi Lambda Phi and we are grateful for her sisterhood

Active Update Fall 2019

Active Update Fall 2019

This semester, under the leadership of PM Kelsey Fernandez, 8 new sisters were welcomed to our sisterhood:

  • Blythe KelleherCherre Cuomo
  • Jillian Daniele
  • Karen Maldonado
  • Tamia Davis
  • Taylor Volkert
  • Sam Schwartz
  • Ruby Sosa 

We currently have 22 active sisters.

A big thank you to all our alumnae who volunteered to be alumnae big sisters this semester:  

  • Barbara Boody        
  • Haley Goldberg    
  • Brianna Helfield   
  • Erin Kiley                    
  • Amanda Pendock   
  • Kristen Smolen         
  • Alyssa Santagato  
  • Melissa Wutke          

The Alumnae Big program matches an alumna alongside a pledge, whom the alumna will mentor by sharing memories and experiences of their time in Phi Lamb. If you have not yet participated, please consider volunteering. It is a rewarding experience.

This semester, baskets including personalized blankets were delivered to Pledge Mistress Kelsey Fernandez and the Fall 19 pledge class. A huge THANKS to Debra Bauriedl Thesing, not only for spearheading the pledge basket project, but also for embroidering and personalizing the beautiful yellow and black blanket and delivering them to Oswego. The pledges truly loved the baskets.

BIG THANK YOU again to all our sisters who are supporting members. Your donations support the work by PLPAA to keep traditions like this alive and support our active sisters.

Pledge Basket Blankets