Phi Lamb Needs You Now

Dear Phi Lamb Alumnae Sisters:
The NUMBER-ONE goal of the PLPAA is to stay connected with you and to keep the memories and fun that Phi Lamb brought us in college, and over the years, alive and well. With that in mind, we are building a contact database of 700+ Lambs — a handy way to keep old friends close and make new ones! We’re also collecting artifacts, composites, and memories to create a digital Phi Lamb archive. AND…we’re planning Phi Lambda Phi’s 55th Birthday Bash, June 5-8, 2014, in Oswego. Please mark your calendars right now!! More news will be forthcoming soon.BEYOND ALUMNAE PROJECTS
In addition to our alumnae projects and interests, PLPAA is also committed to mentoring the active sisters. That work is progressing, with a number of sisters from the 1990s and 2000s leading the way with good advice and guidance. The actives inducted three new sisters this fall and are working hard to keep our beloved Phi Lamb vibrant. The actives are also working to pay their hefty liability insurance premium, some old debts, and the current year’s property taxes.PHI LAMB HOUSE TAX ESCROW ACCOUNT
You may remember that the actives reached out for our help last spring to help pay back taxes and avoid losing the House to foreclosure. PLPAA feels committed to supporting this ongoing effort, since a few years back, one of our late-1970s alums was kind enough to front money for very necessary house repairs and now holds a mortgage on the property. We feel that it’s important to protect this kind sister’s investment until we can determine the fate of the Phi Lamb House. (Both restoration and sale are options, but first-things-first…we have to protect our investment in order for the choice to remain ours and not Oswego County’s!)
Your generosity last spring and summer raised $5,000 —enough to set up a tax payment plan with the County, pay the down payment and make the first   scheduled payment later this month.PHI LAMB NEEDS YOU NOW AGAIN
Major back-tax payments loom between now and June ($8,000). If we do not meet them on schedule, the payment plan will be voided, and a new plan cannot be established for two years. Plus, an immediate LUMP-SUM payment will be required to avoid foreclosure. This payment would exceed $15,000.
We ask the sisters of Phi Lambda Phi, if you can afford it, to please send a contribution today. Your donation will filter directly to the Tax-Escrow Account. This money is handled by the alumnae and is paid directly to Oswego County.
We mentioned previously that if 200 sisters could afford $200 each, the actives would be out from under their tax debts, and we’d even be able to contribute to some necessary and sensible repairs, like having a new furnace and windows installed, which would greatly save on heating bills (and creating new debt).
We’ve come this far. Can you pitch in? Without our help with the back taxes, the house will be lost (an investment worth $50,000 after all debts are settled.)
Please DO NOT send your tax donation to any individual sister (alum or active.)

You may now make your donation to the Tax-Escrow Fund directly through PayPal! Click below to donate:


You may also send a check or money order payable to: Phi Lambda Phi Tax-Escrow Fund

Phi Lambda Phi Tax-Escrow Fund
C/o Community Bank
100 East First Street
Oswego, NY 13126
All donations (which we believe are tax deductible, since Phi Lambda Phi Sorority is a registered New York State not-for-profit organization) will be acknowledged by the active sisters.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PLPAA President Bonnie Love, (585) 704-4557, Email:
I have personally made my contribution to the Phi Lamb Tax-Escrow Fund. I’m hoping that you are able to do the same. Thank you for considering this.

Love in Phi Lamb,
Mary Anne Oriente Mather ‘71
First Vice-President, PLPAA