Our Amazing Actives

There were 9 actives who joined us at the luncheon. It is safe to say on behalf of all sisters that these are a REMARKABLE group of young women. The exemplify the foundations that helped to form Phi Lambda Phi and are a diverse group of young women who are open and eager to sare their experiences and welcome in the alumni to their Phi Lamb experience.

The actives are eager and excited to focus on recruitment and growing Phi Lambda Phi. They are looking to us to help them have a successful rush and get two huge pledge classes this academic year. We are happy that the newest sisters are highly motivated to help us reach our common goals. They look to recruit new pledges who have a lot of motivation and drive to rebuild with the standards and morals that that Phi Lambda Phi was founded on. We cannot be any prouder to have them continue to carry on our traditions, share in wearing our colors and grow our beloved Phi lambda Phi.

Danielle Saturno & Nicole Steinruck (newest alumnae), Astrid Roe, Amanda Donnelly, Michaela Auclair, Lilly Motz, Alyssa Santagato, Morgan Rundle, Jasseline Pena, Ketsia Rodriguez, Rachael Hayden (Some not pictured)