2015 PLPAA Scholarship

Congratulations to Ketsia Rodriguez, recipient of the 2015 PLPAA Scholarship!! A dedicated and deserving sister, Ketsia has been vital to the active sorority and to continuing their strong relationship with alumnae. The PLPAA is very proud that she is the first recipient of what we hope to make an annual award.
Ketsia posted a lovely thank you in the Phi Lamb Chat Room.
“Trying to find the words to say how thankful and honored I am to have been chosen to receive the PLPAA scholarship is nearly impossible. My journey as a sister has been filled with so many amazing people and I am so glad I joined this sisterhood. Thank you everyone! Love in Phi Lamb, Ketsia
We thank Ketsia for her gift of Sisterhood, her hard work, her dedication to teaching the traditions of the sorority as Pledge Mistress and guidance and support to other younger sisters during her years at Oswego.
As Ketsia completes her undergraduate degree at Oswego, we at the PLPAA wish her much success in her post graduate studies which we are happy to say, she is continuing and staying on as an active Sister in Oswego!!