Phi Lamb Welcomes 4 New Sisters, Alumnae Dinner and More Active Sister Updates.

Over the last few years we have initiated many Alumnae – Active programs to strengthen the bonds between Sisters during pledging. We are proud to say that relations between the Alumnae and Actives has never been better. This is a result of the outreach and work the PLPAA has done with the actives; as well as the actives’ openness to reach out to the PLPAA for guidance and support both emotionally and financially. We are so fortunate on both sides that we have such respect and admiration for each other.

On October 30th Phi Lambda Phi welcomed four new sisters. Under the guidance of Fall 15 Pledge Mistress Ketsia Mari this semester we added 4 sisters to our sorority who are all excited to carry on the traditions of our Pearls and continue to grow Phi Lambda Phi.
Pledging for approximately 6 weeks we are very proud of these young ladies and welcome them to our Sisterhood. Brittany Androsko , Sophie Theis, Sierra Kaufman and Leeza Kramer. Many local Alum have met these young ladies and they are so pleased with the qualities these young women possess!



This semester we continued our Pledge Survival Baskets. We send out a HUGE THANK YOU to our Committee Chairs: Susan Shanahan for ordering and coordinating funds & Beth Rapple for making the beautiful baskets and coordinating delivery with Jennifer Silverio.
pledges with baskets

Thank you to again to all of the Alumna Sisters who so generously donated to the fund:

Denise Foote, 
Becky Merritt, Corrice 
Caryn, Cherry Rosenberg, 
Michelle Klinger-Wellner,
Leona Stone Scott, Donna Gardiner Snyder, 
Debra Bauriedl Thesing, 
Katlyn Wilkie, 
Amanda Pendock, 
Heather Eileen Connally, Kim Gianetti.
Help keep Phi Lamb alive and strong by contributing to the Pledge Survival Fund. Please continue to keep the donations coming for our next pledge class will be here before we know. Won’t you PLEASE consider making a small contribution on PAYPAL TODAY!
PayPal email – or send your check to: Susan Shanahan, 93 Atlantic Avenue, APT , Brooklyn NY 11201.

Alumnae Dinner

On Sunday, October 10th several local Alumnae gathered at Lakeside Dining Hall for a Dinner with the Active Sisters and Pledges. A wonderful Bonding experience was had by all!

alumni dinner
Front: pledge Leeza Kramer, PM Ketsia Mari, pledge Sophie Theis 
Back: Jennifer Noyes Silverio, pledge Sierra Kaufman, Leanne Rasha ,Debra Bauriedl Thesing, Cherie DAmico

There will be a second alumnae dinner for those of you who couldn’t make the first!
It will be November 21 at 5 this time at Cooper dining hall
Look on the PLPAA FB Page and Phi Lamb Chat room groups for further information!

Alumnae Bigs Announcement

Our fall 2015 pledges – now our newest sisters at the conclusion of their Hell Night, they each received a note and personalized mug from their Alumnae Sister. One of our newest traditions, this is a way to cement the connections between actives and alumnae as well as strengthen the bonds of sisterhood for us all.

This semester’s pairings are:
Becky Merritt Corrice – Sierra Kaufman
Katlyn Wilkie – Leeza Kramer
Jennifer Noyes Silverio – Sophie Theis
Amanda Pendock – Brittany Androsko

survival pledge mugs