Alumnae Sisters Program

With news of the success of PLP’s Rush efforts this fall filling Facebook sites, PLPAA noted a wonderful level of spirit and support among our alumnae sisters.  Sisters old and new were celebrating the renewal of Phi Lambda Phi and wanted to reach out to our new pledges. To channel that love and support to our new pledges (and our five active sisters, three of whom only pledged last year), we started a new program on the spot and on the fly. Using the PLPAA Facebook Official Page, we held a drawing to pick alumnae and assign one to each of our pledges and active sisters.

The main purpose of this program is to strengthen ties between PLP and PLPAA while not overwhelming either the pledges or the actives. (Remember: there are 10 of them and hundreds of us!) The expectation is that alumnae sisters would provide small gifts, notes, cards, FB messages, emails, etc. to develop a bond with their PLP counterparts, and that hopefully this bond would continue long term, much like the Big/Little Sister bond. This program does not in any way replace the Big/Little Sister program we have all loved since the 1960s! It is more as if our pledges are receiving a Fairy Godmother!

Lovely Personalized Gift Danielle received from HeatherActives and pledges have reported that they love the idea, as have several alumnae. So, the PLPAA board has decided to continue the program in the spring with a better explanation of expectations and more lead time so that more alumnae can get into the drawing.  Until then, here are the fall pairings:

  • Heather Robinson Manns: Jasseline Pena
  • Erin Griffin Dinneen: Amanda Donnelly
  • Stacey Lindstadt DeGiulio: Sharon Moy
  • Michelle Klinger-Wellner: Morgan Rundle
  • Suzette France (Gabby Downes): Alyssa Santagato
  • Heather Eileen Connally: Danielle Saturno
  • Em Sorr: Nicole Steinruck
  • Linda Carlin Peters: Kim Markell
  • Rebecca Mankowski Shoniker: Ketsia Rodriguez
  • Sharon Hoolan Ortiz: Rachael Hayden

Lovely Personalized Gift Danielle received from Heather