Pledge Survival Basket Fund

Alumnae Sister Susan B. Shanahan had an idea which she posted on our PLPAA Facebook page.  The idea grew and sparked a great response from both the PLPAA and alumnae sisters.

Alumnae reached out to new pledges and the actives with “pledging care packages.” With the help of another alumnae sister Beth Rapple, sisters donated gift cards for Dunkin Donuts, personalized lamb mugs, yellow and black socks, gloves, nail polish, toiletries,  and numerous goodies and treats beautifully crafted into “Care packages.”

The baskets were assembled and delivered by Beth with the hope that they would help actives and pledges through the stress of pledging. The response was amazing. Our active sisters and pledges were extremely appreciative and gracious in thanking everyone for the time we took to think of them as well as for sending such great gifts.

Due to the overwhelming success of this program, we plan to continue it in the spring semester, and we continue to take donations, both monetary and small gifts, for the upcoming spring semester.
Won’t you PLEASE consider making a small contribution today?
Please help keep Phi Lamb alive and strong by contributing to the Pledge Survival Fund.   Whatever you can afford is much appreciated!

A big thank you to the alumnae sisters who participated in this fall:

  • Susan B Shanahan
  • Elizabeth Rapple
  • Bonnie Love
  • Leona Stone Scott
  • Amanda Healy Pendock
  • Michelle Klinger Wellner
  • Lauren Lavin Hughes
  • Vicki Rotondo Martuscello
  • Caryn Cherry Rosenberg
  • Susan Davis Kassal
  • Jennifer Caputo
  • Emily Cohill
  • Carla Speranza
  • Gabby Downes
  • Lisa Peck
  • Karen Remstein Rosenberg
  • Juliet Lee
  • Donna McLean Wilson
  • Juliet Adamo
  • Sandy Pentimone
  • Laura Light Stisser
  • Laura Mason Natale
  • Linda Carlin Peters
  • Diane Fendorak
  • Marybeth Perriello Oconnor
  • Lisa Sayre
  • Christine Moller Mitchinsen
  • Gretchen Miller Basso
  • Erin Griffin Dinneen
  • Keersten Heskin Martinez
  • Heather Connally
  • Tina McIntyre
  • Patricia Oplinger Budine
  • Lynnie Ambrose Riley
  • Debra Thesing

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Susan B. Shanahan
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