Phi Lambda Phi Welcomes 5 Lovely Lambs!!

On Thursday, October 16th, Phi Lamb welcomed five new sisters into the sorority after a night of tradition and ceremony at PLP’s Hell Night. Our newest sisters are:

  • Jasseline Pena – Bronx, NY
  • Amanda Donnelly – Warwick, NY
  • Sharon Moy – Queens, NY
  • Morgan Rundle – Marathon, NY
  • Alyssa Santagato – Mechanicville, NY

Bringing our new lambs into the fold was Nicole Steinruck F’13 who spent much time this past summer designing a pledge program which was closer to PLP programs in the past.

New Sisters and Pledge Committee on the Steps of 54 West 5th

Leona Stone Scott S’67/’69  was curious to know more about Nicole and her pledge program this fall. What follows are Nicole’s answers to questions posed to her by Leona a few days before Hell Night.

What got you interested in pledging Phi Lambda Phi?  What has been the most surprising or positive outcome of being a sister for you?
The most prominent thing I noticed when I first met Phi Lamb was the unique characteristics and personality of each sister. Being the type of person I am, it appealed to me that I could be a part of an organization and still be myself. The most surprising thing I’ve experienced with being a sister is the huge span of alumnae who are there to help in many different ways. When it came to selling the house and having to let go of such a huge part of our organization, I was amazed with the response from supportive alumnae who wanted to help us make it through and reestablish our sisterhood.

How is pledging going?  What type of activities do the pledges carry out?  Has pledging changed from what it used to be years ago, do you think?
We gathered a great group of girls through our efforts this semester, and I’m very excited to see what they can offer Phi Lamb when they are finished with program. We are actually pretty close to the conclusion of program, and they are doing a great job! This summer I was the last person to live in the Phi Lamb House before we officially signed it over, and I spent a lot of my time digging through the “archives.” I read a tremendous amount of paperwork dating back to the early ‘70’s (There wasn’t anything earlier that I came across), including a TON of different pledge programs. It’s pretty amazing to see how we still do the things that were done back then, and to see how some of the other things have evolved into what they are now. The main difference between then and now is that the programs are much shorter now, but they still hold all of the traditional value they did back then!
What are you enjoying most as you serve as Pledge Mistress?  What is the toughest part of the office?  I really enjoy being able to share the experiences and traditions with the new girls just as many have for many years. It’s been exciting to watch the love for Phi Lamb in each girl grow as she progresses  through program. The toughest part about being PM this semester is that I had to transfer all of our traditions based on the house to the new place we are in. Luckily, the place we got is like a smaller scale “cousin” of Phi Lamb!