Rush Highlights

Phi Lambda Phi Bid Day Feb 24 2024

🌟 On Feb. 12th, our Phi Lambda Phi Actives were the first sorority to kick off the rush season with an incredible first event! The girls set up tables at MCC, to begin the day & were selling delicious sweet treats!
Later that afternoon, the lambs were showing off the sisterhood yet again, hosting a fun cowgirl hat decorating activity on campus to go along with their theme. It was a fantastic way to engage with the community and showcase the spirit of our sisterhood!

Fast forward to Feb. 22nd, and our sisters were at it again with their second rush event. To start off the day they were selling jar cakes with the Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority! Later in the afternoon a cozy movie night at the Marano Campus Center. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as they welcomed everyone to join in the fun. 

But it wasn’t just about the events – our actives were out there, mingling with the amazing girls of SUNY Oswego, sharing the legacy and perks of possibly joining Phi Lambda Phi. It’s moments like these that truly exemplify the essence of sisterhood and community.

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