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Active & Alumnae Brunch

Active & Alumnae Brunch

We are back with alumni brunch this year! Each year alumni brunch allows sisters in the Oswego area to connect with active sisters and incoming new members.

This year alumni brunch will take place at the Village Commons on the SUNY Oswego Campus from 11am-2pm, Saturday March 25. It will be in a potluck style, with everyone encouraged to bring a breakfast food item. For questions, please feel free to reach out to our Corresponding Secretary Carla Speranza.

Active Update

Active Update

The Phi Lambda Phi chapter remains alive and well at SUNY Oswego. There are currently fourteen active sisters, including five new sisters who joined this past fall. Phi Lamb sisters love to show their support through community service events around campus and continue to promote the values of Phi Lamb.

Alumnae Shoutouts

The actives are starting a new Instagram campaign giving shoutouts to and updates on alumnae. If you wish to participate, please send a photo of yourself, what semester you joined, your nickname (if you have one), and what you have been up to recently to active sister Courtney Lalla. Courtney can be reached by text message at (518) 496-6832 or email at clalla@oswego.edu.
Congratulations to Tamia Alberry Davis

Congratulations to Tamia Alberry Davis

This year’s recipient of the PLPAA Scholarship is awarded to Tamia Alberry Davis. Tamia pledged in Fall 2019, was her Pledge Class President and was Sorority President this past semester. Tamia graduated in Spring ’21 with a BS in Adolescent Education and a GPA of 3.15. Tamia is relocating to Syracuse, and she will be attending graduate school this fall.
Tamia stated in her application that ” From my very first day of being in Phi Lambda Phi, I have always sought to help my sisters. I am always inclined to help those around me, but I certainly saved a special seat for the sisters of Phi Lamb. I have done everything I can to be of service. As an African American young woman who studies history, diversity is always at the forefront of my mind. I have sought means and methods of making sure all our backgrounds/personal contexts are highlighted and considering in all our dealings. In terms of community, I do everything I can to make sure that those who may feel isolated or made to be pariahs are included.”
Phi Lamb truly embodies a unique and dynamic spirit, where sisters can collaborate their thoughts and be heard.
Congratulations Tamia, you truly embody the spirit of Phi Lambda Phi!
2021 Scholarship Award Certificate
Phi Times March 2015 – Pledging Update

Phi Times March 2015 – Pledging Update

February 20th was Bid Day, and PLPAA is excited to report that we have 9 pledges this semester. Under the leadership of Pledge Mistress Rachael Hayden, we look forward to a successful pledge program and to welcoming these young ladies into our Sisterhood in April.

Our active sisters have shared important dates /Traditions for the Pledge Program and welcome any and all alumnae to participate in these events.

(Events and dates were published in the March Phi Times and on the PLPAA Official Group Page on Facebook. They are not repeated here because this is a publicly visible page.)

If you are planning to attend any of these events or visit on a different date, please email the PLPAA’s liaison to Pledging, Leanne Rasha.  Doing so helps us to keep communication between actives and alumnae open and clear, and avoids us overwhelming Rachael with emails, text, and calls.

Spring 2015 Pledge Class

 Spring 2015 Pledge Class with Rachael Hayden, PM and President, center.